Illinois Adoption Law Firm

Adoption law is a very exciting aspect of family law because it serves to grow and strengthen your family. While other types of family law separate and divide a family, adoption helps children find the love and care they need. However, adoption is a process that adults should not attempt alone. There are many legal implications and considerations that must be planned out ahead of time. Seeking the help of a practiced family law attorney will help provide you with peace of mind as you grow your family.

Finding an Adoption Attorney Local to Chicago, Illinois

If you live in the greater Chicago area and are considering adoption but do not know where to begin, seek the assistance of Fay, Farrow & Associates, P.C. Together, we have over 95 years of experience protecting families. You have nothing to lose by calling us since our initial consultation is completely free of charge. Call us today at 630.961.0060 to learn how we can guide you through the adoption process.