The Difference Between Contested and Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse are seeking a dissolution of your marriage in Illinois, an uncontested divorce is surely the simplest and most straightforward type of divorce. That being said, uncontested divorces are less common, as couples are often not in agreement about the terms of a divorce. If you’re getting divorced, here’s a look… Read more »

How Do I Enforce Agreements Set Up in a Divorce Decree?

For many couples who are seeking a divorce, reaching a divorce settlement is the most difficult part of the process. Indeed, divorce battles can be drawn out, expensive, and highly emotional. The good news is, however, that once a divorce judgment has been issued by the court, each party is legally required to comply with… Read more »

Grandparents’ Rights with Holiday Visits

For grandparents, it is often true that there is no greater joy in life than spending time with grandchildren. Especially during the holidays, having one’s grandchildren around can be highly enjoyable and rewarding. The opposite can also be true: when grandchildren aren’t around during the holiday season, grandparents may experience feelings of sadness or loneliness…. Read more »

Who Pays for Extra Childcare During School Breaks?

Having children is a wonderful experience. But there is no doubt that for working parents, having children can pose some complications, such as who will watch the children when the parents are at work. For parents with school-aged children, this problem is often remedied naturally; children are in school, and therefore an addition caregiver is… Read more »

How Long Can I Postpone My Divorce Once Filed?

Filing for a divorce and reaching a settlement can be a complicated process. In fact, even if you’re sure that you’re ready to part ways, you may be unsure about how issues in your divorce–like who should get your house or who will care for shared pets–should be resolved. In some cases, something may arise… Read more »

High Net Worth Divorce: Unique Issues and Common Mistakes

Let Our Experienced Illinois Divorce Attorneys Protect Your Best Interests Each couple is unique, and therefore each divorce case is very different. That being said, couples who are considered to be high net worth individuals tend to face a number of specific issues when separating. Unfortunately, there are a myriad of common mistakes that are… Read more »

Orders of Protection in a Divorce

There are many reasons why an individual may choose to seek a divorce, with one of the most serious being that they are a victim of domestic violence. However, seeking divorce does not mean that the domestic violence will immediately stop; sadly, just the opposite is often true – when a spouse files for divorce… Read more »

What Is Included in a Property Division Case?

Most couples who are looking to part ways legally are aware of the fact that doing so means that their assets will be up for division. In fact, until a couple reaches a property division settlement, a court will not grant a divorce. But what many couples may not know is exactly what is included… Read more »

Legal Separation or Divorce? Know Your Options

Even if you believe that your marriage is over and irreparable, leaving your spouse and pursuing a divorce can be difficult to do. However, divorce is not your only option: legal separation is an alternative. What Is Legal Separation? Unlike a divorce–which completely and legally dissolves a marriage–a legal separation does not legally end a… Read more »

Asset Division in a Divorce

While there are many reasons why a divorce can be contentious, one of the most disputed issues when parties are parting ways is that of asset division. In many cases, both parties feel as though they’re entitled to certain assets, leading to fighting over who gets what. If you’re getting a divorce in Naperville or… Read more »