Can I Deduct Child Support on My Taxes?

For parents who do not have the majority of parenting time of their children, state law typically requires that child support payments are made to the parent having the majority parenting time. The amount of a child support payment is determined based on a state’s child support guidelines, and, once a child support order is… Read more »

Grey Divorce

Divorces, just like marriages, come in various shapes and sizes. Some divorcing couples are young, having only been together for a few years; others may be parents of minor children who need to answer questions about child custody and support as part of the divorce process; and yet others are retirees, who face unique issues… Read more »

Can I Petition for My Ex to Pay for My Legal Fees in a Divorce?

There is no question that filing for a divorce, navigating and resolving the myriad issues in a divorce, and hiring a divorce lawyer can be expensive. In fact, some divorces may result in court and legal fees that total into the tens of thousands of a dollars – a financial burden that can be a… Read more »

Tips to Avoid a Contentious Custody Battle

Getting a divorce is difficult and emotional undertaking. But perhaps even more challenging than separating ways is determining who will have custody of the children. Not only can a custody decision be trying for couples to reach, but it could even be contentious. Why a Contentious Custody Battle Should Be Avoided Persistent, unresolved conflict between… Read more »

Effects of Social Media in a Divorce

With the increase in social media usage by persons of all ages, there has been a plethora of research published about the effects of social media on a marriage. Indeed, researchers have observed that social media usage is associated with unhappier marriages and higher divorce rates. And not only may using social media excessively have… Read more »

Who Is Responsible for Healthcare Costs?

One of the most pressing fixed costs that families are forced to meet every month is that of paying for healthcare. And if families are on a family plan, the idea of separating as a result of a divorce can raise questions about who will be responsible for healthcare costs following the divorce. Consider the… Read more »

Who Gets the Family Business in a Divorce?

If you and your spouse are seeking a divorce, there are numerous issues you will need to work together to resolve or go to court in order to obtain a decision from a judge. For some couples, reaching an agreement is easy. For others, especially couples in high-asset marriages or those who jointly own family… Read more »

Steps to Take if You Suspect Child Abuse by Your Ex

Those who are divorcing with children have numerous hurdles to overcome as it pertains to reaching an agreement about child custody (allocation of parental responsibilities) and visitation (parenting time). The good news, however, is that once an agreement is reached, both parties are obligated to abide by the terms of the agreement. Unless there is… Read more »

What to Do if You Find Out You Are Not the Father

Being married to a woman or being in an exclusive sexual relationship with a woman who becomes pregnant leads a man to make a reasonable assumption that he is the father. However, even people in committed relationships sometimes commit acts of infidelity, and when they do, a man may be shocked to learn that he… Read more »

Divorce and Dementia

The prevalence of serious neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia, is increasing throughout the United States. AARP reports that one in 10 people age 65 and older – 10 percent of the elderly-adult population – has Alzheimer’s dementia. Another shocking statistic is this: nearly every 66 seconds, someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s… Read more »