Actions to Avoid as a Father Seeking Custody

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As a father, you have just as much of a right to custody of your children as their mother. Despite common misconceptions, there is no legal preference for moms over dads. However, as a father seeking all or a majority of parenting time and responsibilities, you will be put under a microscope. You may have… Read more »

How Can I Change My Child Custody Schedule?

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The parenting time plan you and your child’s other parent agreed upon when you divorced may not be right for your family forever. A few years down the road, your children are older, they may be participating in different activities, and you may have an entirely different work schedule. It is not surprising that you… Read more »

How to Enforce a Child Custody Order in Illinois

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One of the most complicated issues for parents seeking a legal separation, divorce, or when a child’s parents are not married is who will have custody over the child. From addressing with whom the child will live to visitation schedules, receiving a child custody order that is in your favor can be a complex process…. Read more »

What Is the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act?

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Following a child custody court order is sometimes an emotionally challenging thing to do, especially when the order is not in your favor. To mitigate the actions of those non-custodial parents who are tempted to remove their child from the state—referred to as interstate kidnapping—every state has adopted the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement… Read more »

Child Custody & the Child’s Wishes

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Are you concerned about how custody will be determined? Do you want your child’s input to be considered when custody is decided? These are important questions all parents must ask themselves when facing a child custody dispute. If you have questions about child custody laws, and how those laws will impact your case, contact the… Read more »

Modifying Child Support

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Child custody and support matters do not necessarily end when the judge issues their final order. You and your child’s other parent will likely be handling custody and support issues until you child reaches the age of majority. As your child grows older, your circumstances or their needs may change. In some cases, those changes… Read more »

The “Best Interests” Standard of Child Custody

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  In Illinois, any family law matter that relates to a child is measured by a legal standard known as the “best interests standard.” Essentially, this means that the child’s best interests take top priority in the case. Figuring out the best interests, under the legal standard, is not an easy task. In fact, there… Read more »

FAQs: Child Custody in Illinois

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  If you are considering filing for child custody in Illinois, or are already facing a custody dispute, you likely have numerous questions. It is important to understand that there may be complex legal challenges that arise in your case. There is also important information you need to know at the outset of your case…. Read more »