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Divorce can be a stressful process because it causes change and fear of the unknown. A multitude of details need to be ironed out before a divorce is finalized, and a Chicago area attorney with a practice concentrated in family law and divorce will help ensure that everything is in order. If you are proceeding with a divorce, seeking the help of an experienced attorney is paramount to ensuring that you receive child support to adequately care for your children.

Illinois Child Support Determination

Illinois child support is determined based upon statutory percentages, commonly referred to as “guideline” support. The amount the supporting parent owes for child support is determined by two factors :

1) The number of children that need support
2) The quantity of the supporting parent’s income

The more children that need to be supported, the higher percentage of income the supporting parent will owe. The statutory amount is capped at 50% of income for 6 or more children. In cases where the supporting parent’s income is constantly changing, the supporting parent’s income may be determined by finding an average of past incomes.

In addition to child support payments, parents may also be obligated to contribute to heath needs not covered by insurance, child care, education and extracurricular activities.

An experienced attorney can advise you on how various custody or allocation of parenting time arrangements, spousal support, or incomes over $250,000.00 might impact “guideline” child support.

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