Very knowledgeable and direct. Handled a difficult case very professionally. I used a different attorney in the past, and John is so much better. Very satisfied!!

I believe he did the best he could, knows the law. In trail his is awesome.

Mark provides comprehensive legal representation throughout the entire process. As a physician with little knowledge of the divorce process, Mark took his time educating me and preparing me in what was my first exposure to the legal system. My case involved 4 young children, serious medical illness, multiple marital properties going into foreclosure, and a corporate partnership to protect. Mark’s advice helped me to avoid needlessly prolonging the case, ultimately saving me time and money so I could move on with life. I have recommended Mark to other physician partners who agree that he is one of the sharpest lawyers in his specialty. He has the uncanny ability to anticipate what’s needed at trial or what to present before the judge to optimize our position. He has certainly guided me through a complicated and difficult time.

I retained Mark to represent me in my divorce prior to my divorce becoming extremely negative. Mark exemplified professionalism and provided a realistic analysis of my situation. My ex argued against everything ignoring the Judge’s recommendation in the pre-trial conferences. My ex moved for the appointment of an Evaluator, and then ignored and criticized her recommendations regarding the custody of my 3 children. He threatened to take my children and exhaust our limited financials. He then forced a trial which lasted approximately 25 hours. Mark knew the facts and the law inside and out as well as business matters that became issues at trial. He efficiently and effectively represented me and worked with me to attain a just result. Judgment in my favor granted me sole custody of my three children despite the fact that I did not ask for sole custody. Mark cares about his clients and the outcomes of their cases. He can negotiate settlements and he can be your advocate in Court. He is an all around, knowledgeable, experienced and professional practitioner of family law.

I don’t have enough superlatives at my fingertips to fully describe the outstanding job this man did in getting me successfully through my divorce. Mark Farrow was masterful in obtaining agreement and closure from my hostile ex-spouse and her, in my opinion, ethically-challenged counsel. Mark has a command of the process and nuances of divorce law that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in this area. His skillful application of his craft while still managing to be an honest and ethical human being instilled me with confidence and a constant sense of comfort in knowing I was in the best and most capable hands. He provided the thought leadership throughout the process and negotiations, and was able to forge a very favorable agreement for me that also meant avoiding a messy and protracted trial. It was important to me in selecting a divorce attorney that he or she was not only highly-regarded and very experienced in their field, but that they shared the values that are important to me. Mark proved very quickly that he could tell the truth in a very straightforward fashion, provide me with options and help me analyze the possibilities, and drive what is a difficult and emotional life event to a successful conclusion. In the process, it became clear that he is the consummate professional, a fine family man, and an upstanding member of our community. After all was said and done, I consider him a good friend, and I strongly and wholeheartedly recommend Mark to anyone that needs assistance in navigating the areas of divorce and/or family law.

Mark was referred to me from another attorney. He very quickly and clearly understood the dynamics of a child support issue and knew the best approach that addressed my best interests. During the process he was efficient, thorough and professional. In the end, Mark produced. I wish I worked with him years ago when I went through my divorce. He’s the best attorney in this industry and unfortunately, I’ve had to work with a few. Mark Farrow is worth every penny and I highly recommend using his services.

Mark helped me and my daughter, during a trying and emotional time of our lives, mark won custody of my daughter, and was very honest thru the whole process. he worked with me on our schedules, and was fair on his daughter and i will never forget what he has done for us!! Truly a good man, always told the truth, even when its not what you wanted to b.s.

Mark’s level of preparedness and a thorough understanding of the details of my complex case are what made him highly effective and successful in my divorce trial. I am a father, and I have custody of my children. Mark and his staff are easy to work with and are great communicators.

I just went through a custody battle with my ex (I am a father). I fired my first lawyer, from my divorce, as he just didn’t seem to care, this was not the case with Mark. Mark worked through every facet of the case and was extremely well prepared. The trial went on for 3 days, and each day Mark was there, ready to fight the fight. I was very impressed not only with his professionalism, but that he honestly seemed to care about what happened for me and my daughter. I cannot thank him enough for helping me get custody of my daughter! I would recommend Mark Farrow (And have already) to anyone looking for a great divorce/custody lawyer.

Mark works hard for you and delivers exactly what he says he can. Does not paint a rosy picture about the divorce process and what he can get you, but tells you the bitter truths so that a client is well informed. In my case he was supportive and diligent and made a three year long horrid divorce culminate with the results I desired. Thanks to him I have custody of my son and financial security. He is very dependable as he is knowledgeable and I would recommend him to anyone without batting an eyelid. For someone like me in a downhill arranged marriage and who picked up the phone in a very stressful state without legal know how of the divorce process in America, he proved to truly be a blessing in disguise.

Mark Farrow provided expert direction during the course of my divorce, which followed more than 25 years of marriage. My children were of legal age so custody and related issues were not addressed. There were, however, layers and layers of financial data which needed clarification and Mark competently addressed and interpreted the financial information in order to achieve the best possible result for me, his client. He was a professional who was also cordial. He was competent and communicative and I appreciate both the skill he displayed and the knowledge he shared during this process. I know now why he was recommended by a friend and I would make the same recommendation to others.

I had a very good experience with Mark. I relied on him quite a bit over the course of a messy 5 year divorce. Always the organized professional, he returned my calls promptly. Most importantly, he was caring and considerate. At the most stressful time in my life, I felt I had a friend in my corner. I will be forever grateful.

I have known Mark for over 15 years and have recommended him to several friends for family legal needs. Everyone has been highly satisfied with his work. When he changed law firms, I followed him even though he wasn’t the lead lawyer on my first divorce. He is the voice of reason when emotions run high and he knows divorce law thoroughly. He is a valuable community member and practices a difficult area of law with common sense and compassion. When child support issues arose, my ex-husband felt comfortable with retaining Mark versus hiring two lawyers. Recently, Mark represented me in a complex prenup agreement. He was astute in knowing when we needed to get outside counsel and very professional in handling this delicate matter. Over the years, I have consulted him on several matters from traffic violations to real estate matters and he has always made great referrals. I cannot say enough about the trust I have in Mark as an individual and as a lawyer.

Mark is a very professional and compassionate lawyer, who took the time to understand my unique issues and represent me in a fair yet assertive manner during my difficult divorce. I encountered multiple complexities as a working female (custody issues, restraining orders, temporary support requests) during my divorce proceedings, and each time when present with these challenges I clearly understood all the options. Mark always made recommendations, but at the end of the day he understood my direction. I was very satisfied with his counsel during this difficult time.

I was referred to don through someone with similar circumstances, met with him, and he told me the facts of where I stood. I signed on with him, and he took care of my case responsibly, and kept me well informed throughout the whole case. I would recommend to anyone in need of a good, skilled, and knowledgeable injury lawyer. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again. Thanks again don.

Was very helpful and extremely professional. Hopefully don’t need his services again, but would not hesitate to use him if I do. Great overall Experience.

We just finished my case and wanted to share the exceptional service I have received. Rebecca was very knowledgeable about the laws pertaining to my case. She was very patient during all of our meetings and kept me informed throughout the process. I would highly recommend Ms. Krawczykowski for legal services that one would need. She was always looking out for my best interest and concluded my case in a timely and efficient manner. Thank you for you hard work.

I am so very happy with the service I received from Rebecca. She is very thorough, courteous, respectful and actually listens to what I had to say. I highly recommend her legal services and Fay & Farrow are lucky to have her on their staff.

Amid the high drama and lengthy proceedings of my divorce case, Rebecca always took the high road professionally. She maintained a level-headed, keen interest in the next step without wavering. I would gladly recommend her legal counsel.

Rebecca was (and continues to be) a great advocate for me in a difficult divorce. She is accessible, responsive and level-headed. She is thorough, smart and tough when I need her to be tough. Rebecca has the capacity to also be kind. Divorce is hard and sometimes you need a gentle hand to guide you through this difficult process but a shark under the table to get the job done. I would recommend Rebecca to a friend.

Rebecca has been handling child support and other financial matters related to my divorce for over a year. She is patient in explaining things to me and genuinely empathetic, but more importantly she is responsive and gets results on reasonable billable hours. Every time we are in court she remains poised, professional and argues our position with integrity. I’m very happy with her services and will continue to use her.

Rebecca has been exceptional to work with throughout my divorce. She was honest with me, trustworthy and apathetic of what I’m was going through. She was very attentive to the details of my marital settlement agreement and made sure there was nothing left to question, it was straight to the point. Rebecca and the staff at Fay, Farrow & Associates been fabulous. They are very quick to respond to questions via email and phone calls. I definitely recommend working with Rebecca!