Rental Property Division in a Divorce

Dividing property in a divorce isn’t always a big deal for couples, especially those with few assets and who are renting. Couples who don’t own real estate together may divide property simply by each taking their own personal effects and perhaps divvying up the furniture, or selling it and dividing the proceeds equally. However things… Read more »

Not the Father – Can I Take My Name Off of the Birth Certificate?

At the time a child is born in Illinois, the parents’ names are added to the child’s birth certificate. The mother’s name is always added, and, if the mother is married, the man to whom she is married is considered to be the father and is added to the child’s birth certificate as well. What’s… Read more »

Religious Holidays and Parenting Time

For many parents, spending holidays with their children is more than just celebrating culture and togetherness; there is a religious element that makes the holidays feel that much more important. What’s more, divorcing parents who are religious and want to spend time with their families and children during the holidays may find reaching a custody… Read more »

Tips for a Successful Divorce

Divorce, even when parties to the divorce are amicable, can be emotional and complicated. While there is no doubt divorce can be tough, there are things an individual, and a couple, can do to improve the experience and achieve a successful outcome. Here are some tips for a successful divorce. For information specific to your… Read more »


In Illinois, guardians are used to provide care and representation to children who are under the age of 18 and do not have (competent) parents, as well as adults who are disabled due to a physical or mental disability. The process for appointing a guardian is complex and should not be initiated without the experience… Read more »

Sibling Visitation

For parents who are getting a divorce, often times, the parties who are most affected by the divorce are not the adults but are instead any children involved. This statement is even more true when siblings of a divorce are separated, with one sibling living with one parent, and the other living with the other… Read more »

How Long Do I Have to Pay Spousal Support?

If you are seeking a dissolution of your marriage, spousal support, also referred to as alimony or maintenance, may be a part of your divorce settlement. This is especially true if your spouse is financially dependent on you, and even more likely if they lack the skills or education to acquire a job that allows… Read more »

Social Media and Divorce

If you are anything like the more than 226 million adults in American who use social media, chances are that if you are thinking about divorce, the fact that you are a member of sites like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook may be far from your mind. Indeed, social media use is ubiquitous in 2019, and… Read more »

Legal Protection in an Abusive Relationship

Being involved in an abusive relationship can be an emotional rollercoaster, and one that leaves you feeling confused, sad and scared about your future and your safety. If you are in an abusive relationship, taking action to protect yourself, even if doing so is challenging, is recommended. At the law offices of Fay, Farrow &… Read more »

What Is 50/50 Custody (Parenting time)?

When getting a divorce as a parent, one of the most pressing things that will need to be resolved prior to the finalization of the divorce is how custody or parenting time of a child will be shared. While some people may assume that a mother will be granted custody, or that it is best… Read more »