Am I Required to Prove Where Child Support Goes?

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When two people have a child together in the state of Illinois, both are responsible for providing for that child financially, even if the couple does not live together or is not married. Typically, the state assumes that the custodial parent is fulfilling this duty, and therefore orders the non-custodial parent to make child support… Read more »

How Do I End Child Support Payments?

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For parents who are not married, each parent has a duty to ensure that their child is provided for financially. As such, a noncustodial parent (parent with less parenting time) will have to make child support payments to the custodial parent (parent with majority parenting time) throughout the course of the child’s non-adult years. Typically,… Read more »

Wage Garnishment for Child Support in Illinois

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Are you receiving the child support you are supposed to? Is your child’s other parent willfully not paying you? Whatever the reason for the delays, you have the right to take legal action in order to receive court-ordered child support in a timely manner and obtain whatever is in arrears. The most common way to… Read more »

What Expenses Child Support Covers

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Child support in Illinois is currently a percentage of the income of the parent having less parenting time and is meant to be the amount that your child would have benefited from, if the child also lived with his or her other parent. Soon, Illinois will transition to an income shares model, though the purpose… Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About Illinois Child Support

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If you are getting a divorce or having a baby while you are not married, parenting responsibilities (custody), parenting time (visitation), and child support probably weigh heavily on your mind. You may be worried about having your child full time, while the other parent is worried about how much support he or she must pay… Read more »

Modifying Child Support

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Child custody and support matters do not necessarily end when the judge issues their final order. You and your child’s other parent will likely be handling custody and support issues until you child reaches the age of majority. As your child grows older, your circumstances or their needs may change. In some cases, those changes… Read more »

Calculating Child Support in Illinois

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  Family law cases can be contentious due to the emotional nature of the dispute. This is especially common in cases that involve children. In fact, child support matters are notorious for often causing a great deal of strife between the two parents. Furthermore, whenever money and children are involved, cases can also become complicated…. Read more »